Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Pain of Childbirth

Having a baby, everyone talks about the pain of childbirth. You get that labour hurts, that there's blood and contractions and needles in the spine.

You also kinda understand the pain during pregnancy, as it relates to having a bowling ball in your belly. Back pain should be a given.

Sue's got pain all over, and in places that I wouldn't suspect being a pregnancy pain centre. She's got pregnancy-related carpal tunnel which means both her arms and hands are so swollen and painful she has to wear splints at night. While this makes for funny Wonder Woman-style hi-jinks, she still is in vast amounts of pain.

There's also issues like pregnancy related high-blood pressure, and as the baby is constantly pressing on bits and pieces, there's the continuous up and down in the night that takes a toll on a person's energy levels during the day... not the mention the lack of energy due to hauling a bowling ball.

All in all, I've come to realise that the pain of childbirth basically ENDS with labour, not begins.
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