Monday, 19 November 2012

Reading up on Autism

When we're not dealing with it in a very intense one-on-one situation with Emily, Sue and I are reading up on , talking about or watching specials on TV about autism.

It's not taken over our lives, but we're very keenly aware how above and beyond we need to go for Emily.

Having said that, I've been reading with keen interest how they're dealing with Autism in the Halton region of Ontario. This is an area west of Toronto that encompasses Oakville and Burlington. Oakville, being one of the richer cities in all of Canada.

Their local newspaper ran a 4 part special on Autism - touching on various aspects of the disorder - diet,  financial hardships, how much more parents are required to do, etc.

Having read a couple of the articles, I'm exhausted by reading how exhausted the various parents interviewed are. Nothing in the articles paints a very rosy picture of the disorder, apart from that moment when a breakthrough occurs - which is just magical.

It's good to know you're not alone in being the parent of an ASD child, but I would give anything to not be part of the club.
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