Sunday, 4 November 2012

Bloody nose.

Sue needed Em to go to the toilet. I think that's what started it off this time. She'd done a bit of stuff in her nappy and we needed her to get cleaned up.

The grizzling, crying and incomprehensible gibberish didn't stop until we were done with the loo and washed hands were being dried. 

To calm her down, I figured a treat was in order - an apple! I took one out of the fridge and proceeded to get Em to help me wash it. As we were washing it under the tap, I noticed it was covered in red. It was a freaky "The Shining" moment where I thought the taps were running red with blood. 

Oh no. It was just Em's nose. 

We quickly put the apple down, grabbed some tissues and proceeded to be serenaded by further crying, wailing and gibberish. After what seemed like eternity, two pieces of chocolate and  change of scenery Em finally calmed down enough to be able to wipe most of the blood from her hands and face. 

We did talk to the doctors about this previously and they think her membranes in her nose are just too thin which causes this. I would like to get this sorted, as it seems any amount of undo stress on her - whether real or imagined - ends up with a bloody nose as a result. 
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