Friday, 16 November 2012

Holly gone done be ill, like

She's been teething for ages and wearing all the hallmarks of that process like a trooper, but after last night it's occurred to Sue and I that Holly is actually ill.

She's been dribbling and having "pink cheek" like any teething baby, even a touch of warmth on her forehead. Last night though, she was restless, really really warm and kept hocking up all we gave her, usually accompanied by coughing fits.

Sue took her to the doctor today and she's actually got a chest infection. In the grand scheme of what we've endured this year, this is really nothing in comparison, but to see the usually happy joyful little Holly reduced to an exhausted listless mess is not nice.

I guess this is all in anticipation of all the wonderful bugs she'll pick up when she starts nursery properly from next week.
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