Thursday, 29 November 2012

Holly's neuro-review

Random shot - Holly enjoying messy play.
Sue took Holly up to Evelina today to have her quarterly neuro-review with the top people there.

She said the meeting was quite positive and Dr. Lim was happy to see the progress Holly was making.

He broached the subject of doing an MRI again to ascertain the actual extent of brain damage Holly will have. Just to be clear as well, there IS brain damage, the question at this point is how much.

The MRI done just after Holly's accident back in March was too close to the actual event to provide any lasting effects, and we always knew we'd have to do a follow up (or two) to figure out how bad (or good) things are.

Sometimes I con myself into believing there's nothing actually wrong with Holly and that Emily is the only child with "issues". Talk of MRIs to determine brain damage and the fact that Holly still can't sit up by herself at 11 months brings it all home in horrible technicolour.

I guess while others are wishing for their two front teeth for Christmas, we're wishing for a very limited amount of brain damage for Holly.
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