Thursday, 5 July 2012

School induction today

Sue and I had an induction workshop today at Emily's new school for September.

It's called Rainbows and is attached to Green Wrythe Primary School, up near St. Helier's Hospital.

We had a quick look around the classroom she'll be in. As the school's theme is colours of the rainbow, the reception class is "red" - this year as there's two classes, one will be Fox and the other will be Squirrel.

We also talked about various other aspects, filled in an admission slip and got a quick look at the school uniform's jumper, which is (no surprises) green.

Both Sue and I felt that this new school was a good extension of what she's had at Dragonflies to date - low distractions, small classrooms (she's actually going to a 6-pupil class from an 8-pupil one) and a decent ratio of 2 students per adult.

We still have to sort out the transport as well as finalising Emily's statement of need, but those are minor issues.

Looks like come 12 September, we're going to have either a "Red Fox" or a "Red Squirrel" in our midst.
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