Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wrong use of words

Emily is not the most verbally communicative child there is. She has a lot of words, but a lot of them are in the context of songs or books.

We are making strides with her and there are a number of things she says in the proper context. Unfortunately, there's still quite a lot of "what the hell?" phrases she uses completely out of context.

"Call me good? I'm the scariest creature
in this wood"
At the moment, if she wants to be picked up, she doesn't say "up" or anything remotely similar to that. She stands in front of you, arms up and says "call me good". This is obviously in reference to the Gruffalo, when it's dangling the mouse about to eat it, as it'll "taste good on a slice of bread". I guess she equates me picking her up with a monster about to eat a harmless creature.


The other word she's using quite a lot out of context happens when she's upset. If things aren't going her way, she'll look really upset and yell in a high pitched tone "home time". Before you ask, this generally occurs at home, so no need to race her back home. The only thing Sue and I can think of is they used the term "home time" at Dragonflies, but I imagine it was never under duress.

These are all added to her frenzied use of "yeah baby" when she's got the upsets on as well.

I'm sure there will be a further list of words she uses that we'll need a translation guide for. In the meantime, we're just trying to keep our language simple and stick to very basic words for everything. Basically, taking the fun out of the English language.

Who said Autism wasn't awesome?

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