Monday, 23 April 2012

School viewings

Even though Emily has a placement at the school round the corner, if she gets her statement of special needs, we'll be able to get her into one of the two schools in the borough that specialise in needs children.

We went to view one today called Forresters. They apparently focus on more integration than the alternative - Green Wrythe.

The tour was quite eye opening, and we saw the various classrooms - mainstream and base (what they call the special needs children) - as well as the gym, the music room, the base sensory room, the computer room. The only room we didn't get a tour of was the library... which is ironic really.

Sue and I are still confused as to the best steps for Emily going forward. Forresters is better for verbal communicative children, while Green Wrythe is better for kids who are still developmentally stuck - like Emily. However, Sue and I want Emily to come out of her shell and does mild integration provide that better than being with other children who don't talk?

We still need to see Green Wrythe before we make up our minds, and if we DO get a statement and accepted to either of the schools, they can decide whether they accept Emily based on the data they receive as well.

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