Friday, 20 April 2012

School choices

I guess everyone's finding out about their school choices this week and Emily was no different.

We're hoping to get a statement for her, thus getting her into specialist classroom at one of two schools in the borough.

However, as a statement isn't guaranteed, we also had to go through the proper "nothing wrong with your child" channels. We have a good school a stone's throw around the corner from us - Stanley Park Infant - which was not only our first choice, but also the school Em got into.

It made both Sue and I quite sad to have to reflect on her special needs and the fact that she won't get the integration with normal children that a normal child would get.

Being around Emily, we tend to forget how behind she is, and things like this just really ram reality down our throats.

Still, she's getting all the help she can, Sue and I are doing what we can, and if she gets a statement, she'll be all the better off for it.

We've been given lemons, so better made lemonade than complain we don't like citrus fruit. (I may have to work on that one).
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