Thursday, 19 April 2012

Autism and genetics?

Sue has taken Emily this afternoon to a geneticist appointment that was made ages ago.

Someone who gets paid to know what they're talking about suggested that we might want to clear with this professional to ensure that Holly won't become autistic, or at least review the likelihood.

We have since been told that the correlation between autism and genetics (or hereditary genetics anyway) is about as sound as not being to conceive while breastfeeding - i.e. complete hokum. Although, I'd like to explore further the theory that more scientists and uni profs (the "smart people"), etc. have autistic kids than the general population.

Still, the appointment was made, so it's probably worthwhile to see at least what the geneticist has to say on any matter regarding Emily. I'm just quite sure whatever is discussed it won't be about autism... or at least we'll be told that Emily is autistic because Sue and I are really smart.
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