Monday, 2 April 2012

Holly is home. For good.

Holly as she is now. At home.
After a whole month in one hospital or another, Sue and Holly finally came home for good tonight.

It's been quite the trying month, starting with Holly's cardiac arrest on the 3rd of March and culminating in her being well enough to be discharged today, albeit with a bevy of drugs and a physio plan.

It's going to take some adjusting to not having the hospital around us. For Sue, Holly and myself it will be that safety net the NHS provides, with doctors and nurses only a raised voice away. For Emily, it will be having her family back in one place - mummy and daddy in the same building, sleeping in the same bed and "the baby" back to disrupt her rule of the roost.

In the last few hours, Emily hasn't been as ambivalent towards Holly as she normally has. We've even got her to give Holly a kiss which she has willingly done. I don't believe this is the start of any great thawing of diplomatic relations yet, but it might at least be a small amount of acceptance on Emily's behalf.

Now with Holly back and the family unit together again, we're about to attempt our next great hurdle - taking Holly on an airplane. We've got a week booked in Northern Ireland. The doctors and nurses see no reason Holly CAN'T go and we have an introductory letter for any hospital or doctor we need to contact outlining the story so far.

Now that Holly has spend 1/3 of her life in a hospital (including her initial birth stint) we're hoping not to have to see the inside of one for a long, long time.
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