Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Toilet training - the beginnings

You get the books, you share tales, you watch videos, you do everything you can, but at the end of the day toilet training is just one of those rights of passage you wish someone else could do for you.

We're taking the first steps with Emily. We've got her in pull ups (although we just found a stash of 144 nappies so we have to pretend their nappies). We've also started trying to get Emily used to the loo. Her poo gets chucked in the loo from her nappy (if it's whole enough to roll out) and we're now sitting her on the a seat on the loo to get used to it.

A lot of story telling and nursery rhymes have been used to placate her sitting on what she must assume is a portal to hell.

I'm wondering when it'll just click with her. When she'll go, "ah... that's WHERE I drop a deuce, not in my nappy!" D'oh.

With most other children, they say hold off until they can tell you they need to drop trou. Em can't even tell me when she's thirsty (she cries, along with her need for everything else), so that's out. We also fear if we do wait until she can tell us, we'll run out of nappy sizes and have to move to Depends.

Toilet training. The fun of it.
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