Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Ill again.

Today was up and down.

When Em and I got home, we went through her "100 words" book. Using my finger as a pointer, she actually pointed out wheat and said the word.

Where the hell did that come from?

She got a few other words too, which are par for the course for her right now - milk, eggs, bread, cow, dog, etc. It's funny, about 6 months ago those words would have been major milestones, like wheat was today. Now they're expected. Hopefully we'll see enough progress from Em that in 6 months time, "wheat" will see insignificant.

The night went quickly downhill.

Em's been quite ill lately with a cold. Tonight when she went to bed (having fallen asleep on the sofa) she actually started screaming, in what I assume is pain. A few drops of Calpol later and she seemed to calm down. About an hour later, it was all stations Emily again as she woke herself up screaming. A few MORE drops of Calpol and she's (currently) fast asleep.
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