Thursday, 10 March 2011

Portage visit

Shiela from Portage came today to help Sue and I fill out a Disability Living Allowance form.

It took ages, but gave us time to talk to her about various other things about Emily - like why she jumps ALL the time, puts her hands over her ears, whether we should move her to a Sutton council-based nursery, etc.

We also got some more information about the specialty nursery Dragonflies. Apparently most of the kids there at the moment are "graduating" at the end of the school year so there should be quite a few spaces open for new recruits. It really sounded quite exceptional, low distractions, music therapy and hopefully some occupational therapy in the new school year.

It was quite an enlightening meeting, but it seems everytime Shiela comes round, it's quite a decent meetup.

We've also been told that Shiela will be seeing Emily again at least once after she turns 3 (Portage help children up until their third birthday) so it was good news all around.
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