Monday, 21 March 2011


You're not supposed to have a birthday celebrations for each year you are. That, however, is exactly what Emily's enjoyed over the last week.

On Tuesday, her actual official birthday, we had cake and presents and hugs and all the birthday things. On Saturday, we had a BBQ for all our friends without kids who wanted to wish Emily all the best on her way up the single digit year ladder. Sunday saw us have the party with the kids, the finger food, the Hairy Maclary cake and the bouncy castle.

I arrived at work today completely exhausted from the events of the weekend. This MAY be the reason people have kids earlier in life - to handle birthday parties.

The sad thing is, she doesn't even realise what's going on. Yesterday, although she was whipping round the hall we rented and having a grand old time, she was COMPLETELY unaware it was for her. She would have reacted the same if we'd gone to a soft play centre for afternoon play.

I guess at this age, parties are really for the parents. You start the get backs this early on. We went to their party, so they have to come to ours. It doesn't end until your wedding is full of people you don't know, but who's kids' weddings your parents went to and your wedding is just the last in a long line of "get backs".
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