Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Teething pains

Em was in quite a mood today and it really finally dawned on me when we got home that she probably IS teething.

When we got home, she was incredibly clingy and wouldn't let go of me to even get a drink. We were watching a Smurf movie (Smurfs and the Magic Flute if you care - and the animation was TERRIBLE) and I kept having to check to see if she was awake as she wasn't moving all that much.

Over the last few days she's become so used to having Calpol that as soon as she saw the eyedropper filled with the medication, she was eager to take it.

It's sad that she even needs to know what it's for.

About 20 minutes later, she got up from the setee, announced "bed" and proceeded to climb the stairs. About 10 minutes later, sans dinner, she was fast asleep.

God-bless you Calpol.

All the signs now point to her teething - the pink cheeks, the blood curdling screams at breakfast as I know assume her cereal was hitting some open nerve. I imagine the fever and the rash over the weekend were symptoms of this now, and not anything swine related.

I can't remember what teething felt like and if she's in this much pain, I'm quite glad that's true.
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