Monday, 17 January 2011

Fever turns to rash

Sue and I MAY becoming those types of parents. You know the kind, every little problem is all of a sudden life threatening - her weekend fever MUST mean she has swine flu.

Today Emily woke up with a rash which was one of the questions NHS Direct asked us over the weekend when we phoned. I looked it up on the NHS Direct symptoms guide and tiny red pin prick rash was something they tried to rule out for meningitis.

So Emily's gone from almost (not really) having swine flu to now having meningitis.

NHS Direct feel it's probably whatever virus which caused the fever flailing around in its dying embers... or allergies. Although they did recommend she stay away from anyone with a distressed immune system.

I've already got a doctor's appointment booked for 11am, so I'm going to go down with her.

She's in really high spirits at the moment, although she's rather pale and thin from not really having eaten over the weekend.

I assume all is well and she'll be back with Helen by lunchtime.

UPDATE: Went to the doctor's at 11am and after a very brief review of Emily's symptoms, we got the all clear. It's just the last embers of the fever virus working their way out. Emily's still drained, listless and tired but she's definitely on the mend.
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