Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Emily the misery

I know better. I keep telling myself that.

Do NOT go to a supermarket with Emily. Bad things will happen.

Why I didn't heed my own advice last night was a mix of optimism and stupidity. My faith in Emily to not create merry hell was repaid by her actually creating the most merry HELL I have ever had the joy to witness from her.

There was shaking, screaming, tears... the works. This has been the first time in a LONG time that I really wanted to give a good hiding. I understand how parents can lose their cool with their kids on shopping trips.

I also told myself that she's usually placid and only cocks a strop when there's a good reason - hungry, tired, thirsty, etc. I got the feeling that the real underlying problem was I wouldn't let her run around the shop. I let her go a couple of times and she was off like a bullet. There's only so fast I can push a trolley through the shop.

The fun didn't stop when we left Sainsbury's however. Emily managed to maintain her happy disposition through dinner, mixing the bland flavour of her chicken korma with the salty bitterness of her toddler tears.

After that it was bath time and this usually illicits tears regardless of previous emotional state and again Emily did not disappoint. By this time, however, the footie was on and mummy was home so she got to taste some of the flavour of the child I call Grizzelda.

Emily IS usually placid and I can't place my finger on exactly why she was such a misery last night. I can only assume it was a mix of things - tired, hungry, me not letting her run riot. I just need to ensure that food shopping is done at the right time or else bribe her with treats to keep her still.

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