Monday, 28 June 2010

Potty training

it's a subject we've been dancing around, but trying to avoid at the same time - toilet training.

It's one of those things I really need to bone up on, as the thought of it just makes me shrug my shoulders and ask "where the hell do we start?".

We bought Em a potty a few months ago, but she hasn't made the leap that this plastic seat is to replace her nappies. Try as we might to drop her trou at the first sign of pushing, it's still come to nothing.

From what I understand, toilet training is a very touchy subject. Done wrong, and the child can regress, associate poops and wees with being bad and generally be in a bad way. Done right, obviously the cost of nappies can be put to something more useful.

Having talked to Helen this evening when I picked Emily up, she was saying that Em needs to give us the nod when she's ready to drop her brown friends off at the pool, as opposed to smearing them all over her cheeks. I'd love to take the wait and see approach, but as we've done this with her speech and it's backfired, I'm not too keen.

Ah the wondrous trials of parenthood.

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