Monday, 12 July 2010

In the night garden live!

Iggle Piggle and EmilyImage by greedoe via Flickr
Finally bit the bullet and bought some tickets to see In The Night Garden Live tonight.
It's on at the O2 in some specially sorted tent.
There's been some issues with the show in that EVERYONE has to buy a ticket... and all tickets are the same price. Some 300 lb wide-boy is the same price as a 6 month old babe in arms... apparently this is to keep prices low.
I really have no idea what to expect, but if we're going to be treated to 10 minutes of story with enough filler to make a stack of sandwiches, I'll be mightily annoyed at what I spent my £60 on.
I've got my bets that the show is going to make Emily's day, if not year, and when you're a parent, that's really all that matters.
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