Saturday, 17 July 2010

Lovely Lavender Toddler

Emily in the lavender fields.
We went to the local lavender field today for a bike ride and to have a look.

While we were there we saw LOADS of Japanese people (either tourists or local students) taking LOADS of photos.

We let Emily run around the rows of lavender to get rid of some of her pent up toddler energy, and we were all having a good time.

One of the students, with a camera lense as long as Emily is tall, asked if he could take a picture of her. After about 10-15 pictures and letting me have a look he told me, in broken English, that she was a "very beautiful baby" - something we already know.

I can't help feeling, however, that Emily's photo is soon to grace the front of a box of toddler cereal in Japan.
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