Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Emily's supermarket tantrums

Despite her inability to want to actually talk, Emily's been quite expressive lately and has actually been a joy to be around. A joy as long as I'm not hauling her around the supermarket.
She can be in any type of wonderful mood, having had a lovely sleep, etc. when I pick her up from Helen's.

She screams when I take her into the bathroom as she assumes she's going to be forced to have a bath. However, it takes her about 5-10 minutes of being in a supermarket before the screaming, crying and random tantruming seem to happen.

Like bathtime, I don't know what happened. She used to love going to the supermarket, helping me unload the shopping cart on the belt, etc. Now it's just a game of "placate the child" with drinks, biscuits, etc.

I guess the golden answer is to continue to try and do my food shopping at lunch time... oh Emily.

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