Friday, 25 October 2013

VB with ABA for Emily!

I'm off to an all day workshop tomorrow to find out more about VB (Verbal Behaviour) and ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis). It's theories for therapy to aid with Autism run by ABA Tutor Finder.

There's three workshops and the first one is tomorrow from 10-4.30 in Holborn. I can imagine it's going to be pretty full on, but I hope I can get some practical takeaways to apply to Emily.

According to the website, "The course is suitable for both families and therapists wishing to further their understanding of ABA as an intervention for children on the autism spectrum and is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with fellow families and/or therapists."

Sue and I are both wracked with guilt that while Holly is the more pressing need ("the first two years are the more important") we're doing things for her at the expense of Emily. This is part of our effort to balance those scales.

Fingers crossed.
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