Friday, 25 October 2013

Doctor's notes about Holly

Sue went to see Holly's paediatrician earlier this month, and we received the notes from that meeting in the post today. It still floors me that the letter was sent out to 11 different people/departments - all for one little girl!

As Holly is progressing and showing noticeable signs of improvement, we still think she's doing well. Reading through the notes, I realise that I may be deluding myself. There's a lot of development delay which isn't all that apparent to me, because the only yardstick I have to compare to is Autism. Also, seeing the phrase "Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy" really makes it a lot more real.

Apparently various things that Holly is doing are at 15 month levels or 18 month levels. She's behind, but only by a few months (as she's only 22 months old tomorrow). This is really why this early intervention is key. I can only imagine how far she'd be behind if we DIDN'T have 11 departments/people working on our team.

The notes did point out that she's a happy little girl, which is very true (apart from when she's tired cranky or teething) and that good progress is being made.

Regardless of where she is on the months development scale, I'm still proud of my little girl and happy to have her here at all.

As I type this, she's happily sitting next to me playing peekaboo by herself and saying "oh dear" while I make dinner. I guess it's time I sign off and ask (to noone in particular) "Where's Holly?"

Until next time.
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