Sunday, 20 October 2013

Emily continues to prove me wrong

A few weeks back, Sue was adamant we get a trail gator contraption, to hook her bike up to Emily's. While I was hopeful this wouldn't end on the scrapheap of aids for Emily like so much other good intentioned purchases did, I wasn't so sure.

Emily had shown no interest in her bike (as it's not a book) and the few times we had her on it were short lived to say the least. The outcome, as I could tell would be one of three scenarios - she'd stay on her bike and love it; she'd get bored and try to get off and end up grazing/bruising/hurting herself; she'd end up not enjoying it and let everybody know. I, personally, was expecting the second result as she's quite akin to leaving tasks she bores of without much thought for anything - let alone her well being.

Well, I'm glad to say she's proved me wrong. She stayed attached to Sue for the entire duration of our ride to the nearby park and back. She was happy to hop on the bike and be pulled around. I think most of the time was spent in her little world taking everything in, apart from the actual ride, but this is a really great stepping stone to doing more rides and getting her more accepting of it.

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