Tuesday, 9 April 2013

MMR jab for Holly

Let it be said that scare tactics do work.. sometimes.

In the case of the measles outbreak in Wales and its impact on our decision to get Holly the MMR jab, job done.

Sue and I had really been humming and hawing about whether to get the jab for Holly (it should have been administered about 3 months ago, around her first birthday), but all the horror stories of it opening the floodgates to autism were all too real for us to want to proceed any further.

It's really the lesser of two evils - the horrors that can come with infant measles (which are NOT nice) or a lifetime communication problem.

This hasn't stopped us videoing Holly in an attempt to remember the good times (and to have evidence if the worst does happen). We realise the evidence linking MMR to autism has been discredited, but when you read about people winning lawsuits, it makes you sit up and notice.

We're hoping for the best with Holly in all this, and if Emily wasn't an Autie, we probably would have no concerns. Time will only tell if we did the right thing. I'm hoping this is not yet another instance where I wished I had a suped-up Delorean.
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