Friday, 19 April 2013

Intensive therapy for Holly

Over the past two weeks we've been doing intensive therapy with Holly. Given that she's only one year old, this really means doing an hour a day for four days a week (she has Wednesday as a rest day).

Sue and I were sceptical and hopeful before we began the sessions that they would aid Holly overcome her movement related issues. At the beginning of the session we had to list some goals we had for the two weeks.

Happily enough, one of the goals - Holly sitting unaided for a small amount of time - was achieved long before the end of the two week session.

Both Sue and I are really ecstatic with the progress Holly has made and we've seen how tiring it has been for her to do the work, even for the hour session. Now that the two weeks is over, Sue and I have our homework to continue what we've learned, while going back to having the one hour a week session (plus the hour a week NHS session).

Sue and I were so happy with how things progressed that we're eager to book in another two weeks. This won't be for another 4 to 6 weeks, to give Holly time to take on board everything she's gone through these past sessions.

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