Friday, 5 April 2013

Cease therapy for Emily

We've started Emily on the CEASE therapy homeopathic treatment. We've read up about it, and had a consultation and at this point we're willing to try anything to alleviate her symptoms, increase concentration, etc. etc. etc.

The only problem is (well, so far anyway), there's a LOT of pills for Emily to take in a day and a few of them are "horse pills". I've crushed them up and boiled them, but I still have to come up with incredibly inventive ways of getting them into her system.

Yesterday I added a stupid strength amount of squash to the pill mixture that would have drowned out just about any other taste known to man. That combined with one of her beloved bendy straws saw the entire mixture downed.

Not sure if I'll have the same luck today.

We're also supposed to start seeing some signs that the therapy is working. Others would call them side effects, but apparently as Emily releases the toxins and pathogens from her system all kinds of crap can happen (I mean that literally as well).

Here's hoping we get something meaningful out the back end of all this.
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