Monday, 19 September 2011

Our baby is all grows up!

Emily, possibly in a school uniform.
Today marks the end of an era for Emily. The carefree toddler days where school is a distant memory and play, eating and sleeping are the order of the day.

Starting tomorrow, she starts to become a Dragonfly. Sure the first couple of days are light touches, but by the end of the week she'll be as full time as any other child her age (i.e. 3 hours a day).

I think Sue and I feel a pang hidden deep down that our baby is growing up so quick. Sure it's only toddler school, but give it a year or so and she'll be in Kinder Garden and then Grade One (or similar UK equivalents).

Still, come December we'll have three school-free years of baby number two to look forward to before s/he has to go to school so we shouldn't lament too much.
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