Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Emily's new transport method - the piggy back

Emily has started to exhibit a strange new behaviour lately.

If she wants to be picked up, she'll normally get in front of you and put her hands up. If you're lucky she'll utter something obvious like "Up" and just make it incredibly obvious she wants to be picked up.

Lately, she's been walking BEHIND me. At first I really didn't get it, until I knelt down to tie my shoe and she hopped on my back.

Ah... penny fully dropped, I realised she's now wanting a piggy back, instead of being picked up in the front. I wonder if she's grown tired of my face and is much happier to look at the back of my head. Or if she sees this position as a happy in-between from the full on sitting on my shoulders.

Whatever the case is, her piggy back is not a proper piggy back in that she has no concept of actually holding on. It's more like riding the bucking bronco at a rodeo, but in this case I'm trying to keep her from falling off.

I discovered last night at Asda that the Emily Piggy Back (EPB) also makes it quite impossible to do any shopping as all available limbs are being used to ensure that Emily stays put.

Conclusion - good for the park, not for the shops.
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