Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Emily's first "full" day of school

Emily at Dragonflies.
Got Em to Dragonflies on time this morning. The transport (aka a minicab with a driver and a council "escort") arrived at our house later than it should have (about 8.40am instead of 8.20 - 8.30am), but we got to Dragonflies with time to spare.

It transpired the minicab dropped us at the wrong gate, so Em and I had to wait for the school to properly open before we could dart through to the Dragonflies room. Small inconvenience and teething issues with it being a new process.

I quickly found out, however, that our schedule was not what Dragonflies had in mind. I was under the assumption I would be there from 9-10am, to ensure Em didn't have a meltdown and then I could quietly melt away and be in the office by about 11.30.

As it transpired, they were expecting us at 9.45am for an hour, after which Emily and I would leave.


As it was, everything was fine and Emily had a full morning of schooling. I, meanwhile, was holed up in the staff room / library where I was able to crack on with some work on my laptop.

Thankfully, my woeful scheduling enabled me to have a half hour chat with Alison, the speech and language therapist. It was quite a good chat and I filled her in on Emily (as Em's "chart" hadn't arrived from the Robin Hood Lane Clinic yet), and Alison let me know how the next year will work with her and her assistant.

On the way back to the minicab the escort asked if Em had been coming to Dragonflies long. What I WANTED to say was "you're her escort, how long have you been escorting her?" but instead I chuckled and said something along the lines of, "today's her first full day, actually." I figure you have to keep on the right side of someone who's going to be responsible for your child.
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