Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who's child is this?

Today I picked Emily up from Fennies and she was in high spirits. She was quite warm and I was told she had a bit of a temperature.

Gotta keep mum with this place or Emily gets banned for 48 hours at a time at the first hint of illness. I said I put it down to warm, clammy weather, not the stream of obviously infected green snot coming out her nose.

When it came time to leave, I mentally prepared myself for Emily to ignore everyone and leave the room... while everyone said goodbye... and I was left looking the lump.

Tonight, not only did Emily SAY goodbye, she walked up to each of the minders (are they minders? teachers? nursery workers?) and said buh-bye and waved her hands at them.

I just stood there gobsmacked, thinking who's child is this? Where's the one I dropped off this morning who wouldn't know a social convention if it crept up behind her introduced itself and asked for the time.

Every now and then I catch these glimpses of what I hope Dragonflies will be able to nurture out of our little Em.

There is hope once again for the future, a future I haven't said buh-bye to yet.
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