Sunday, 17 July 2011

Emily's arse size (and other Eureka moments)

We were out shopping this afternoon in rainy Croydon and being the people who know Emily best, took ONE single extra nappy with us.

While waiting for our food to be served in the M&S hot food area, we discovered that Emily had let loose the bowels of hell. One scream-filled change later and we enjoyed our lunch, unabated.

As we were ready to go, Emily had that look on her face that Joey Tribbiani refers to as "fart acting" and we refer to as "poo making". It was with heavy heart that we realised Emily decided to top and tail her meal with a load.

Again, as mentioned, we brought with us ONE nappy. This was used pre-lunch.

Nappy-less, we decided to chance that the baby changing facilities, on the other side of the shopping centre, had a vending machine we could top up our depleted nappy supplies with.

They did.

However, Emily's arse had other ideas. By the time we got to the changing room, Emily's full nappy had emptied itself someone down the inside leg of her trousers. By the time we peeled her clothes off her she had an unholy "tan" down her legs, complete with peas and bits of carrots.

While I vended a needed nappy, Sue ran off and bought a new pair of trousers.

Later we ruminated on the hell we endured and surmised - in a Eureka moment - that while Emily fit the WEIGHT of a size 6 nappy (which is what she had graduated to) her arse area (hips, etc.) was probably not large enough to fill that size completely, thus with gaping holes all the lovely filling could flow down her leg.

This hypothesis was further proven as the vended nappy was a snug size 4 and when Emily backend let loose yet once again, the explosion was amply contained.

We trundled into Mothercare and bought a crate of nappies size 5, as we have now figured this Eureka moment could serve to alleviate further disruptive explosions and subsequent leg drippings.

The things we learn as parents...
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