Sunday, 10 October 2010

Random vocabulary

We went to Horton's Children Farm with Emily today to celebrate what could be the last finest Saturday of the year (blue skies, low wind, low 20s, amazing!)

While there, Sue and I ruminated on all the things we needed to work on with Emily - saying "more" when we feed her, playing more interactive games, playing "peeka" and the one thing we really needed to start, doing "ready steady go".

To our amazement, as we walked along the path, all Sue had to say was "ready" and Emily filled in the steady AND the go, and then she was off like a very slow Olympic sprinter.

This was incredibly funny and cute for us to watch as neither of us had ANY idea that she knew this. More to the point, we have no idea who taught her - Helen or Fennies. I can only assume there's not a third party involved here.

For the rest of the afternoon Sue or I repeated "ready" only to have Emily running off like a shot in front of us (actually, her sprint is about our NORMAL walking speed).

Not sure what's next in the "Emily pleasantly surprises us" book, but I can't wait!
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