Friday, 15 October 2010

Hearing exam

Sue took Em to have her hearing test today. We were hoping/assuming that it was more a rubber stamp exercise than anything else.

There was a problem though. Em's currently in the middle of a horrible cold, and like most people with colds, every orifice in her head is currently bunged up.

The doctors said, after a variety of tests, that Emily's hearing is slightly below average, but as her ears were bunged up, it's not conclusive. Thus, we have to go back in December and have a cold-free re-exam.

Funnily enough, Sue was chastised for bringing Emily in with a cold, but as we've waited THIS long to get the exam in the first place, there wasn't much that was going to stop Em getting looked at - including having a cold.

Hopefully December's results are mode conclusive and slightly better than this time's.
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