Sunday, 17 October 2010

Christmas for Emily

It's always a parents' dilemma - Christmas.

Do we perpetuate the capitalist pursuit of (generally Chinese made) products and goods, or do we use the holiday to expand social awareness? If you're a child, I imagine it's "toys (the ones I want) and that's all". I guess a happy medium is ecologically sound toys - you please your kids and they're environmentally-friendly.

I found a site called Earthwhile that sells a lot of stuff including eco-friendly toys. There's something intrinsically satisfying knowing that you can please your child's blood lust for "more toys" and not impact the environment. They have wooden toys as well as a really cool model car (read "I want this!") that's powered by " a miniature solar-powered hydrogen refuelling station that converts water to hydrogen using energy captured from the sun".

How cool is that?

I doubt Emily's going to be lusting after a hydrogen powered car - model or otherwise - for a while, but it's nice to know there's places out there that you can satisfy your child's toy desire AND be good to the environment, and maybe even teach them a little something in the process.

Ain't Christmas grand?
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