Monday, 2 August 2010

Saying words in context

vintage red leather childs clogs
Tonight Emily actually spoke A word in context to something she was "reading". She has a book of things to demonstrate 1-10. #6 is a picture of six dogs. When she sees this she does a "ruff" sound. No mention of how MANY dogs there are, but she recognises and associates the sound the dogs make.

#2 is a picture of two shoes. Tonight, she actually said "shoes" when she saw the shoes. I'm not that optimistic to believe she actually read and understood the word, rather she could actually associate the visual image with the word - I'd like to think so, the number of times we've sat on the bottom steps and put her shoes on, although I'm kind of glad she said "shoes" and not "shoesies" as we call them when putting them on.

It's a small win in the battle to get her speech sorted out. Although I know the war is far from over, the occasional win does bring a highly relieved smile to my face.
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