Sunday, 15 August 2010

Free reign

On our trip to In The Night Garden Live yesterday we had a simple choice - take the pushchair or leave it?

Recently Emily has become a lot more confident in her walking in public and on longer jaunts than just around the garden or to the car. She's also a lot more receptive to commands - like holding her hand across the street, etc. Even when we go shopping, she'll obey if we say, "this way Emily." So obviously we were confident in our choice of leaving the pushchair at home.

Thankfully, our decision paid off.

We gave her free reign to wander where she wanted to, within reason, and except for the odd moment -  like trying to wander up and town the train car, she was good as gold.

She got  a bit ratty toward the end of the evening, but I can imagine that all the walking/running, combined with no afternoon sleep and the excitement of seeing In The Night Garden Live would have made her quite exhausted.
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