Saturday, 14 August 2010

In the night garden live (aka Emily's first time at the "theatre")

Iggle and Upsy on stage at the O2
We made it to the O2 today to see "In The Night Garden Live". I kinda knew what to expect having watched a preview trailer of the show in Liverpool.

I was, however, dead keen to see how Emily would react.

Coming out of the North Greenwich tube station there was a poster for the show which mesmerised Emily. Sue and I played it coy with a "wow Em, we should look into going to that" line.

When we got to the O2, loads of kids had balloons with the Hahoos on them which got her excited. As we walked down the "avenue" in the O2 towards the show, there were four massive blow up Hahoos on display. On seeing this, Emily got even more excited.

During the show, Emily visibly couldn't contain herself clapping, laughing and smiling as each of the characters came out and was introduced. I think she also worked off the energy of the other kids in the audience, as usually her watching of the show is quite a solo experience, save for mummy and daddy.

Afterwards we stopped in the O2 avenue for some dinner and then home. Emily didn't have a sleep during the day, so by the time got back to the car she was quite exhausted. Good day over all, especially for the under 3 in the group.

One caveat, the show is apparently in the Meridian Gardens - this, in actuality, is a dodgy looking car park. 
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