Thursday, 8 November 2007

Worries. Part Three

It seems everyday you wake up there's horrible news, and when you're an expectant parent, the news surrounding children hits you hard (I guess the news regarding whatever you're into or have an interest in hits you hard, I've just never taken the news about children to heart as I haven't had any).

Anyway, the Times had an article today on doctors wanting to combine the MMR jab with one for Chickenpox. Fair enough, although the MMR is controversial for making kids autistic and such. However, the article goes on to list all the potential issues and problems a person can have with chickenpox. Here I'm thinking the worst that can happen is you look like Bryan Adams, but nooooo.... You can catch things like "pneumonia, blood poisoning, encephalitis, ataxia (loss of control of limbs), toxic shock and necrotising fasciitis (the flesh-eating bug)."

I just remember rubbing the hell out of my skin with calomine and hoping not to look like Edward James Olmos when it was all done. Cripes, I would have cacked myself if I'd known what I could get!
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