Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Little Lord Costingtons

As much as we try to compartmentalise the fiscal impact of the impending baby on our lives, it's ALWAYS going to be more of a blow. As we attempt to list everything we need for B-Day, it's becoming apparent that, apart from our lives, our money won't be ours ever again.

The impact, of course, is more painful given that Sue will be on maternity leave, but she's not alone in taking that and we - as they say - will make due!

Thankfully many places like Boots, etc seem to always have various necessities on sale. Walking to the train station today, I spied a BOGOF on baby wipes, so that's good. Also, some of the things we need will be needed on an ongoing basis, like the aforementioned baby wipes. Start-up costs high, ongoing costs, not so high... hopefully.

There's no doubt about it, with another mouth to feed and less one income, things will be tight but we'll manage... I hope.
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