Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Morning Sickness

With Sue in full pregnancy, it's amazing how her sense of smell has developed.

Having said that, sometimes it's been to her detriment. She hasn't had morning sickness all that bad over the last few months, but there are the odd things that she can smell that really makes her step back and take a breath. Most of these things I can't even smell.

A new one today was the site of a dog dropping a liquid load on the grass across from our flat. I'm not sure if it was witnessing the act or the combination of sight and smell that set her off (again I couldn't smell anything), but Sue was rather unwell after that brush with dog business.

I guess morning sickness is a cliché like the crazy cravings - some women are affected, some aren't, and it's never what you expect that will set a person off. I've stocked up on dill pickle ice cream, though, just in case.

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