Tuesday, 16 October 2007

20 week scan

Just got back from the 20 week scan at the hospital.

All is well and the baby's doing fine. So fine, it doesn't have things we didn't even think about. So worried about Down's Syndrome, we didn't even think about things like hairlip or Spina Bifida!

Seeing the baby more developed than 8 weeks ago is making it all the more real. I had a pang of impending fatherhood sitting there watching the midwife slide the ultrasound wand over Sue's goobered belly.

We tried to video the whole thing, but the midwife said they usually frown on that. I managed to sneak in a few seconds of video. To make up for it, she gave us pretty much a whole roll of baby photos!

It's coming up now! I'm actually beginning to get excited.
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