Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Wonderment and lotteries

The closer we get to "babytime", the more I wonder how we are ever going to cope. Yesterday Sue went to the work baby care centre. They want around £1100 / month to look after newborn babies. So, that's not an option.

Apart from that, we've got to figure out all manner of other costings for baby. How we are going to travel to Oz or Canada, when there's three of us to pay for; how all our stuff is going to fit in a pokey flat with even more stuff to buy for baby.

I know people the world over, and in worse economic circumstances than us have babies every day and every year. I just want it to be as perfect or at least as good as it can be.

The mind boggles. I guess that's why I've been buying lottery tickets like an impoverished idiot lately. If I can't get promotions and better pay to get us out of the problem zone, maybe the money of hard-working people can sort me out.

Oh what am I doing?
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