Saturday, 8 September 2007

Clothing score

Went shopping today for various bits and pieces and came across quite the score.

Sue's been talking to her mates in Australia and there's a shop called Pumpkin Patch that does kids clothes and a range of maternity clothes. So, we went shopping to Croydon, ostensibly so Sue could check out the Pumpkin Patch outlet at the Whitgift Centre, one of three shops in the UK (most of them are in Australia and New Zealand).

They had their "Big Patch Sale" on which meant Sue managed to get about £80 worth of clothing for around £30.

Of course, I just can't help thinking that maternity clothes shouldn't be bought, they should be rented. You need them, at most, for around six months and sometimes even less. Still, with sales on, it makes the financial sting a little easier to handle.
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