Thursday, 18 July 2013

It's not the pox

Having had to take Holly out of nursery early yesterday due to suspected chickenpox, Sue has clarified - via a doctor's appointment this morning - that it is not actually the pox. The doctor confirmed what Sue and I THOUGHT it was - heat rash. The bumps apparently don't conform to what the pox would resemble and they weren't all over her body.

This is good news for all involved - but does emphasise how this heat wave is taking it's toll on poor Holly. Even though she's not "poxy", she's still listless, grumpy, has a upset stomach and seems to break out grizzling for no reason. All, apparently, symptoms of being stinking hot.

At the behest of my mum, it really does sound like a good time to invest in an A/C unit for the house.
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