Thursday, 4 July 2013

Further proof regarding the gut - brain connection with autism

Read an article today about a boy in the US who seems to have been "cured" of autism by going on a gluten/dairy free diet. I read this with massive scepticism, but feel positive about the overall message.

Here's a clip from YouTube, but I have to warn you, the interviewer is really really REALLY annoying.

Sue and I have been in two minds whether any of the "hokey science" stuff we're doing with Emily is actually of any benefit. This includes cutting out gluten and dairy and also the homeopathic remedies she's been on. They say that dairy effects will be noticeable in 3 days but gluten effects can take 3 months to see.

We haven't really seen any dairy-related changes yet, but are hopeful that all the research does point to a gluten-free gut paving the way to a healthier gut and a lessening of the autistic behaviours we've come to tolerate.

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