Saturday, 8 June 2013

Emily's Detox Fever

The last 24 hours has seen Emily flush, quite lethargic and very feverish (and not for the flavour of a Pringle!) - to the point where she's asleep again right now ... at 4pm.

We've had her on her second round of homeopathic cleansing (part of the CEASE therapy that is recommended for Autistic people - depending on who you talk to) to rid her of the effects of vaccinations.

The first round of the CEASE therapy, to repair the effects of any antibiotics Sue might have taken while preggers with Ems didn't really garner any results (apart from loose poops from too much vitamin C) and we were really not convinced this latest round would produce any either.

Personally, I'm taking the fever as a good sign that this therapy is working. I just hope for Em's sake it subsides soon as you really don't wanna be burning up any longer than you need to. We have Calpol at the ready and are administering that and water as needed.

Em's also well into her gluten-free diet now, so I don't know if any of this is a result from that. I'd hate to think so as it's really not a terrific advertisement for going gluten-free: a raging fever.
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