Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Emily swimming

A shot of Emily in A pool.
We took Em for a "taster session" swimming lesson last night to the Westcroft Leisure Centre. Much to my amazement, it went incredibly well.

Em's had a mixed history with pools. We took her to aquatots when she was small, but since then her and pools don't get on very well... at first. Trips to Canada and Spain have been met with trepidation at first and then reluctant acceptance.

I'm happy to say that from where I sat... behind glass, with Holly on my lap, Em looked relaxed and really into the session.

As I wasn't allowed to take photos (something to do with perverts snapping children in pools), I've attached a photo from last June when we went to Spain, to show that Em DOES like pools eventually.

Em's going along to Westcroft next Monday for another taster session, but all signs are full steam ahead for swimming lessons for her. Of course, it didn't hurt that last night was one-on-one and consisted more of playing than lessons, but you have to start somewhere!
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