Thursday, 2 May 2013

Terrible story from Ottawa

I know how tiring it can be with two small kids with special needs. Sue, also feels quite sluggish quite a bit (which may be due to her medication). This means our spare time is usually filled with doing stuff for the kids or praying for bed.

I read a story today on about a family in Ottawa that just got to the breaking point of exhaustion and had to give their Autistic child away to the government.

I can't even begin to imagine the horror I would feel if that was my ONLY option left with Emily.

The article also made me start to extrapolate into the future - something I don't like to do with Emily. At the moment, she's dependent on us for everything, which children should be. As she gets older and peers become more and more independent, I'm afraid she'll remain dependent on us. In some ways I don't want her to ever grow up, so this disparity will never manifest itself.

I know every child is different and there's no guarantee how Emily will end up, but I still can't help but worry and reading articles like this only amplifies my anxiety.
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